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How to Avoid the Mistake of Starting a Business Without the Right Knowledge


Starting a business in Hong Kong is one of the most lucrative decisions that any individual can make. It is a lucrative market that is not going anywhere soon. However, making this choice requires that you look at some of the essential facts about Hong Kong before you even decide to open a company there. This article will give you all the information you need on the benefits of company formation in Hong Kong.

The reason why start up company Hong Kong business incorporation in Hong Kong is so attractive to marketers is because Hong Kong is a free economy, unlike many parts of the world. A company is an entity in charge of the whole organization and formation. Providing service needs strict liability and service obligations because opportunity still exists. Marketers may abuse their position and actuality and create new scamming methods through their company, perceiving immaterial value and the setting’s sensitivity. For instance, marketers may not pay enough attention to the statutory requirements, rules, and regulations governing marketers’ functioning and end up losing their jobs.

Therefore, while starting a business in Hong Kong for marketers, you might face the threat of being fired. Another reason is that it is a free market, and any company or individual can start a business and call it a scam. Therefore, any company or individual that makes claims like “we are the best in the market” or “our products/services are number one” is abused by competitors and other marketers who try to undercut them. They can do this by calling up the company and offering “deal killer” prices and schemes, then beat them in the deal by providing the exact low cost.

But with the recent boom in company formation, there are more companies available that are willing to provide service for company formation in Hong Kong. Thus, making company formation in Hong Kong more accessible and more convenient. While a high percentage of marketer’s form companies in the Asian region, there has been a remarkable rise in the number of marketers from Hong Kong companies.

Due to this, competition has increased and has become extremely difficult in Hong Kong. As a result, there are now many fake companies that are abusing the system. They set up the company and then disappear in the background leaving the customers’ hopes shattered. On the other hand, legitimate companies have been increasing in number, making the service more accessible and convenient to the customers, making the company formation process more straightforward and convenient.

Therefore, new entrepreneurs must learn how to adapt the simplified reporting exemption method to avoid being cheated by a fraudulent company. This system has become so efficient that even established multinational companies can use this as their legal protection against their creditors and other related parties. Simplified reporting means that the new entrepreneur will be required to furnish only detailed information on its nature and purpose. They will not need to submit any other document or papers that may be interpreted as legal documents by the creditor and other third parties. Besides, a new entrepreneur will also not be obliged to provide the creditor with the registration forms, annual return forms, and additional information essential for a company’s proper functioning.

One other advantage of simplified reporting is that it prevents the unnecessary use of bank staff and funds in the company formation process. This section of the Companies Act stipulates that a company can only be formed with a registered accountant’s services. Moreover, an accountant must be licensed by the Hong Kong authorities or the Chinese government. According to the Companies Act, the company must be established and operated only based on profit. Hence, if the company’s profits are less than twenty-five percent of the taxable income in the previous year, the company will be required to obtain public money within three years from its profit.

However, the reality is that many entrepreneurs who abuse the system lack the knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations regarding public money in business. Therefore, it is recommended that any new start-up consider getting a business mentor who can give them all the necessary advice and guidelines as they set up their company. A business mentor will provide all the required information, tips, and guides to the new business marketers to not be tempted to take shortcuts when they set up their company. Ideally, a mentor should be a former successful marketer who can teach the new starterhow to conduct business and manage their company effectively.






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